Being more efficient in the home office thanks to Asana

Manage team projects and tasks online

In the times of Corona, all those who can, work from home. Especially now it is important to be able to coordinate tasks and teams quickly and efficiently in order to remain productive despite the new situation. It is crucial that every employee still has access to all the information needed to work on their own tasks. There are several tools on the market for this purpose, whereby Asana is one of the most popular. Why is that?



Asana is one of the top project and task management tools because it can be used without much configuration effort. Furthermore, the application, which is operated exclusively as Software as a Service (SaaS), is versatile and can be used from anywhere. Starting with agile project management according to Scrum, the organization of marketing activities, up to the management of different teams, Asana offers numerous application possibilities. As a cloud-based application, it can also be used independent of location and device, making it an ideal solution for mobile working or working from the home office.

Asana in daily use

As an Asana Solution Partner, we not only help companies introduce and effectively use Asana, we also use it ourselves. For example, we use the tool to implement customer projects, to plan social media marketing campaigns or for resource management. We were able to switch to the home office in the current situation around COVID-19 without any loss of coordination or collaboration. Thanks to Asana we assign tasks quickly and easily, while responsibilities and deadlines are transparent at all times. In addition, the project status can be viewed by everyone involved, changes can be tracked in real time and we can react in time if adjustments are necessary. The fact that all information is stored centrally and in a structured manner also has the advantage that it is easy to get an overview of one’s own to-do’s and deadlines, even if you are not directly involved in all meetings and without having to go through long email chains. Especially colleagues who have to look after their children during the day due to the current closure of schools and daycare centers can now organize their working hours more flexibly.

In addition, we use Asana forms to offer our customers the opportunity to address tasks directly to us without the need for lengthy e-mails. These tasks are controlled with automatic workflows, which significantly reduces the coordination effort.

Linking with other products

Asana can be linked to many other products, such as G Suite, which allows the added value from both worlds to be bundled and makes it possible to work even more efficiently. With just a few clicks, a new task can be created from an e-mail and assigned directly to the appropriate project. After all, who hasn’t had the problem of finding the right file for a task or knowing where a specific file is stored?In this way, all files remain in one place for each task and can still be used in different tools.


All these possibilities contribute to the fact that, despite the unusual circumstances, we have not had to complain about long delays in our work processes and can offer our services as usual.

Of course, there are several other application scenarios, detached from Corona and home office, where Asana can improve processes. It is not for nothing that so many companies would put their trust in it. Among them Facebook, Google or NASA, just to name a few.

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