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With Google Cloud Platform (GCP), you can run your applications and data on the same highly scalable and reliable infrastructure that Google uses for its own applications - with maximum security and performance.

Google Cloud Platform as the foundation of your cloud infrastructure

By using Google Cloud Platform, you save yourself expensive investments in your own infrastructure and its operation. Often it is unclear how the actual utilization will be, so that you either have overcapacities or your infrastructure is undersized and therefore cannot cope with the load of accesses.

At the same time, you have access to hundreds of predefined Google services and products that you can integrate and manage via the cloud platform. When using the services and products, you only pay for what you actually use. Plus, you no longer have to worry about provisioning resources. You scale storage, computing power and other resources in seconds and have the option of automation so that they can be adapted to the actual load at any time.


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As cloud experts, we at Cloudwürdig support you with the introduction of Google Cloud Platform – and all that quickly and easily. Lay the foundation for your cloud strategy and test Google Cloud Platform today.

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An extract from the Google Cloud Platform portfolio

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Compute Engine enables you to offload performance-intensive processes and applications to virtual, scalable data centers in the Google Cloud.

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Google Storage gives you storage on Google infrastructure for delivering, sharing, and archiving content and applications.

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Google VPC Networking offers you a high-quality fast-available virtual DNS network with multiple network management options for your resources and a global load balancing module with autoscaling..

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Big Data

Big Data provides you with fully managed data warehousing, batch and stream processing, data exploration, Hadoop/Spark, and reliable messaging.

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Google Kubernetes Engine provides you with a secured and managed Kubernetes service with four-way autoscaling and multi-cluster support to run your container-based applications.

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Identity and Security

Cloud Security Scanner is a web-based security scanner that scans and deletes common vulnerabilities in your Google App Engine, Compute Engine and Kubernetes applications.

Symbol von Management tools

Management tools

TheGoogle Cloud monitoring with Stackdriver Servicesprovidesreal-time monitoring and logging via GCP and AWS, as well as useful diagnostic tools via a web-based console, mobile app or cloud shell..

Symbol von API Management

API Management

Apigee API Life Cycle Management Tool provides you with a platform to manage, develop and secure your APIs.

Symbol von Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Management

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Management

With Anthos, you can easily and efficiently manage your applications in hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Why Google Cloud Platform with Cloudwürdig?

We have been at home in the cloud since 2008. As one of the first Google Cloud Premium Partners in the German-speaking region, we have the people, the experience and the necessary know-how to transform your legacy IT into fully digital infrastructures. This includes, among other things, German- and English-speaking Premium Support, assistance in optimizing cloud costs, attractive discounts on GCP Consumption and invoicing according to individual requirements.

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Our Google Cloud Platform services

You want to start with Google Cloud Platform and are looking for support for your first steps or for developers for your large-scale project?

You should plan the way of your data and applications into the cloud, so that you can use all advantages of the Google Cloud Platform and benefit from maximum performance at minimum costs. We help you to deploy the Google Cloud Platform quickly and efficiently, to make the right decisions and support you from planning and implementation to operation and support.

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Sustainably reduce operating costs and optimize cloud usage

One of the major benefits of transforming to the cloud is cost savings. By moving to a digital infrastructure, you not only transform capital expenditures (capex) into operational expenditures (opex), but also benefit from the flexibility and scalability of the cloud. So you only pay for the performance you really need.

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Lay the foundation for your cloud strategy with the experts from Cloudwürdig.

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