Managed Cloud Operations for Google Cloud

Next Level Managed Services for your Google Cloud environment

Simple, safe, targeted

Let experienced experts manage your Google Cloud environment (GCP)

Complex IT infrastructures tie up large amounts of resources that you lack to move your business forward.

With our Managed Cloud Operations for Google Cloud, we address precisely these challenges. With predefined service packages and complementary service modules we relieve your IT, optimize processes and bring transparency to your Google Cloud environment.

All our deployments are automated and executed as Infrastructure as code via a CI/CD pipeline.

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Your advantages

More speed

through standardization and automation.

All around carefree

and relieve the burden on your IT with qualified support.


thanks to key figure-driven service with monthly reporting.

Regular reviews

and optimization of your Google environment taking into account new features.


through automated workflows and transparent processes.

Compliance and Security

Highest security thanks to experienced experts, fast response time and regular audits.

GCP Managed Services with Cloudwürdig

Individually tailored to you

Our Managed Cloud Operations for Google Cloud consist of a basic service and can be supplemented with different modules of your choice.

When choosing the basic service, you can choose from various service packages with different characteristics. Depending on the package selection we offer

  • Incident Management
  • Monitoring & Alerting
  • Cost Optimization
  • Security Review
  • Architecture Review
  • Response time (P1 Incident): next working day up to 1h
  • Service time 8/5 or 24/7
  • Contact: Portal / Portal Advanced / Phone

Our modules

Managed Containers

  • Deployment
  • change management
  • Image Vulnerability Scans
  • GKE, Cloud Run

Managed Compute Instance

  • change management
  • Compute Instance Backup & Disaster Recovery

Managed Network

  • General Connectivity
  • change management
  • Network Security

Managed Data

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Query Analyzing & Optimization
  • Data Pseudonymization / Fake Data Custom Data Import Source
  • Custom Data Transformation / Sanitation

Managed CI/CD

  • Feature & Patch Management
  • Incl. different Providers & Artifact Stores
  • Reports
  • Release Control
  • Security scans

And many more...

Contact us, we have suitable solutions for almost all GCP services...


Everything at a glance

In our flyer you will find our Managed Cloud Operations packages and modules for Google Cloud with the respective scope of services.

Managed Cloud Operations for Google Cloud

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About Cloudwürdig

We have been at home in the cloud since 2008 and so we have already supported numerous customers in the introduction and efficient use of Google Cloud (GCP).

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