Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Many companies already rely on a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy to take advantage of both cloud worlds and to position themselves as independently as possible from the different cloud providers. With Anthos from Google, you can manage your applications easily and efficiently in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Why companies benefit from a hybrid and multi-cloud strategy

More and more critical business processes are based on software. More than ever, IT is leading the way, with the cloud strategy forming the (technological) foundation of the digital transformation. The decision on the future direction of IT, therefore, contributes in large part to the success or failure of a company. But which cloud strategy is right for your company? Would you prefer a private or public cloud? Or a hybrid of both?

If you take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of both worlds, the hybrid approach is the right choice for most companies. While sensitive and critical data resides in your own data center, both operators and users of your software solutions benefit from the performance, scalability and resilience of the major public cloud providers – such as Google Cloud.

Companies that have already successfully mastered the path to the cloud quickly realize: independence from a large public cloud provider can – but does not have to – potentially bring advantages. And this is where the topic of multi-cloud strategy comes into play. In concrete terms, this means aligning the digital cloud infrastructure in such a way that those responsible can decide at any time which services and applications are located in which public cloud and move them flexibly at any time. On the one hand, this requires a concrete alignment of the application landscape in the direction of a cloud-native approach, but on the other hand, it also requires a reliable hybrid and multi-cloud management platform.

Cloud-Strategie: Private, Public, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Management with Anthos

Anthos from Google is the platform for your hybrid and multi-cloud environment and marks a milestone in the era of cloud computing. With Anthos, you are relying on the ideal solution for today’s hybrid and multi-cloud world. It is an overarching software platform that allows you to create and manage your applications not only in the Google Cloud Platformbut also on AWS, Azure or in your own data center. That means:

  • You retain full control over your containers – no matter in which cloud, no matter in which environment.
  • You centralize development, deployment and management of your applications: “Build once, to run anywhere!”

Anthos is based on the Kubernetes container orchestration tool and other industry-leading open source technologies.

Time and resource savings

Policy and security automation at scale.

Maximum flexibility

It is no longer necessary to commit to one provider.

Easy Migration

Easily move workloads and convert them to containers.

Consistent administration

Consistent interface, whether cloud or on-premise.

The benefits of Anthos at a glance

Symbol von Manage applications everywhere

Manage applications everywhere

Anthos provides you with a unified platform for all your application deployments, including legacy and cloud-native deployments. At the same time, you benefit from a service-oriented overview of all your environments.

Symbol von Deploy software faster

Deploy software faster

With managed Kubernetes, you can build enterprise-tailored container applications faster, both in cloud environments and on-premises. With cloud-native tools and expert support, you can create a fast, scalable pipeline for software deployment.

Symbol von Protect applications and software supply chain

Protect applications and software supply chain

Benefit from a programmatic, results-oriented approach to managing policies for applications across multiple environments. Anthos enables better assessment and control of your applications thanks to a simple view of the status and performance of your services.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Management with Cloudwürdig

We have been part of the cloud community since 2008. As pioneers in the German-speaking region, we have been helping companies master their path to the cloud ever since. As a Google Premier Partner, we are not only specialists for Google Cloud Platform and the API Management Solution Apigee, but also for the Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Management Platform Anthos. We help you develop your appropriate cloud strategy and support you in identifying new potential through hybrid and multi-cloud approaches, planning new solutions and implementing them. 

We offer:

  • Consultation and setup
  • Training
  • Support

Modernize your existing IT infrastructure and applications. Lay the foundation for your multi-cloud environment together with the experts from Cloudwürdig. We are happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation, simply contact us.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud with Anthos and Cloudwürdig

Get started with our Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Workshop

For an individual, fast, flexible and reliable system landscape, there is hardly any way around a multi-cloud environment.

  • Already using a multi-cloud environment and looking for ways to improve the efficiency, stability, security or automation level of your infrastructure?
  • Do you want to continue using your existing infrastructure and still take advantage of the innovations of the cloud?
  • Are you considering implementing a hybrid cloud solution?
  • Do you rely on containerization for your applications or would you like to implement it?

Then our Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Workshop is just right for you.

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Lay the foundation for your multi-cloud environment together with the experts from Cloudwürdig.

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