Test your applications under real conditions on real devices.

The world’s first Connected Intelligence Platform™

HeadSpin enables developers to test and monitor the performance of their applications in real time, on real devices and under real conditions – before, during and after release. A critical component of the HeadSpin service is a comprehensive infrastructure that is available to users 24/7:

  • > 32,000 SIM-enabled devices
  • > 160 locations in more than 110 countries
  • > 1,000 telecommunications networks

All types of iOS and Android devices are supported, including smartphones, tablets, wearables and TVs. Everything works via an API without a software development kit (SDK) and across all browsers.

Optimize the digital experience of your web, mobile, IoT and 5G solutions across multiple applications, devices and networks with HeadSpin.

Digital ecosystems are becoming increasingly complex

Developers need to provide customers with a high-quality application experience while the ecosystem is constantly changing. Considerations must include:

  • Operating Systems
  • Geo Locations
  • Devices and their utilization
  • App versions
  • Network utilization
  • Network providers

With HeadSpin, potential performance, functionality or application problems can be identified and eliminated – often automatically – before application release. There are also comprehensive monitoring and analysis options. This brings the following advantages:

Benefits of using HeadSpin

Acceleration of development and innovation

Faster "time to market" through continuous testing and monitoring of applications.

Increased productivity

With automated testing frameworks, developers have more time to work on new solutions.

Improved user experience

Eliminate performance and functionality issues across all apps, devices, and networks.

Sales increase

Apps with higher quality have more users and higher engagement.

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Success Stories

Performance testing and automation have already contributed to the business success of many companies.


The dating platform increased user engagement in India by 65% and revenue by 20%.


The online mail order company cut launch time to 2.2 sec, which put them ahead of eCommerce competitors and increased adoption by 28%.


The video portal reduced their outages in India by 30% with performance session insights and continuous monitoring.


The platform increased the conversion rate of app installs by 2x by reducing their apk size from 83MB to 37MB.

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