Kubernetes (K8s)

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Simple container management with Kubernetes

Kubernetes (also K8s) is an open source platform that emerged from a Google project and is used for orchestrating containers. With Kubernetes, containerized applications can be deployed, scaled and managed – regardless of whether cloud or on-prem. Kubernetes also supports all common cloud platforms and various container engines such as Docker.

Core functions of Kubernetes

Managing container-based applications is multi-layered and can be very complex. This is where Kubernetes can help by providing the functionality needed for a container deployment with large workloads.

  • Automation of container setup
  • Containers can be scheduled and run in clusters of physical or virtual machines
  • Provision persistent storage for stateless containers
  • Automatic scaling of container operations
  • Intelligent network connection discovery and automatic load balancing

Core functions of Kubernetes

Advantages of Kubernetes


Fast deployment of functions and services compared to monolithic systems


Resources can be made available for the container-based applications as needed


Manual processes for container provisioning become redundant and automated.


A system implemented with Kubernetes has a very low failure rate.

Kubernetes with Cloudwürdig

We help you identify potential, plan new solutions and implement them. We offer

  • Use case analysis and design
  • Consulting on the required infrastructure (CCU, container registry, networking, identity and access management)
  • Setup of the infrastructure
  • Support of containerized deployments
  • Continuing consulting and support

Simplify the management of your container-based applications with Kubernetes and Google Kubernetes Engine and our workshops. Get in touch with us!

Kubernetes with Cloudwürdig

Google Kubernetes Engine

The Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) provides a managed environment for running Kubernetes on Google infrastructure. When running and managing GKE clusters, one benefits from the advanced features of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). These include:

  • Load-balancing the GCP for Compute Engine instances
  • Additional flexibility using node pools to create node subsets in a cluster
  • Autoscaling the number of node instances in the cluster
  • Autoscaling the number of node instances in the cluster
  • Automatic node repair to maintain node integrity and availability
  • Logging and monitoring with Stackdriver for detailed insights into the cluster

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