Business Intelligence Platform Looker

Business Intelligence and Big Data analytics with Looker. With our service offering, we help your company use data smarter.

Business Intelligence with Looker

Looker is a modern data platform that includes all the tools needed to work with data in a wide variety of scenarios. It offers

  • modern business intelligence
  • embedded analytics
  • workflow integrations
  • user-defined data applications

Looker integrates seamlessly with business processes and third-party systems. So you make your data accessible in a meaningful and intuitive way to everyone in your organization who needs it, and make smarter business decisions based on data.

Business Intelligence with Looker


Looker delivers data experiences

  • Modern BI and analytics: Provide real-time dashboards for more in-depth analysis. Easy access to trusted data enables up-to-date results for better reporting.
  • Embedded data: Data analytics can be integrated into a wide variety of processes and fully customized to your needs. Robust APIs, SDKs and a collection of common integrations support you.
  • Advanced analytics: BI data from Looker can be augmented with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the advanced analytics capabilities of the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Clear visualization: Visualizations make it possible to present large amounts of data in an easily understandable way. Looker’s data visualization tools enable deeper analysis of the details that drive your business forward.

Advantages of Looker


Looker supports hosting in public clouds such as Google Cloud, AWS or Azure, as well as in multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

Cost savings

Optimize operational workflows based on near real-time data.


Looker builds on your existing database and uses a secure connection to retrieve queries directly from your data center.


Automated data delivery and analysis that eliminates the need for repeated data extractions.

Business Intelligence with Cloudwürdig

We help you identify potential, plan new solutions and implement them. We offer

  • Use case analysis and design
  • Infrastructure setup
  • Ongoing consulting and support.

Get more out of your data and make data-driven decisions with Looker. Contact Us!

Business intelligence Platform Looker

Get started with the Looker Data Platform Launchpad

The introduction and implementation of new data-driven business models – and also normal competition in the market – presents companies with enormous Big Data / Analytics challenges. With the right data platform and technology, such hurdles can be removed quickly and efficiently. We will show you how you can use the Looker business intelligence enterprise platform to holistically access all available data while connecting any other data sources. So that you spend less time searching for data in the future and invest your time in real insights.

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Use your data even smarter with the Business Intelligence Platform looker and Cloudwürdig.

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