The document-based database for modern applications.

The database for modern applications

MongoDB is a universal, document-oriented open source database and the most widely used NoSQL solution. This approach is ideally suited for the requirements of modern application development and the cloud era, as large amounts of data can be stored and queried with high performance.

Therefore MongoDB perfectly complements our portfolio and we are proud to call the database specialist our partner.


MongoDB Atlas – The global cloud database

MongoDB’s database service specifically for the cloud is called MongoDB Atlas. This allows development teams to fully concentrate on building apps and no longer have to spend time managing databases. As a partner of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), MongoDB Atlas supports the deployment of clusters in the GCP.

With MongoDB Atlas, you thus benefit from the advantages of the cloud. In addition to advanced security features such as network isolation, role-based access management and end-to-end encryption, you also benefit from automated database management and extensive recovery options at any time. In addition, scalability on demand provides the highest performance at the lowest cost.

Furthermore, functions such as full-text search or the serverless platform Stitch offer new opportunities in the area of database management.


Advantages of MongoDB Atlas

Advanced security

Easy backup options

Scalability as needed

Fully automated

MongoDB Atlas on GCP – A great combination

  • Launchable from within the GCP Marketplace
  • Integrated cloud key management service for sensitive data
  • Unified billing: one bill for GCP and Atlas
  • Cloud provider snapshots for clusters on GCP
  • Coming Soon – MongoDB Atlas as a native service on GCP: With out-of-the-box integrations to Google StackDriver and Cloud Identity Access Management


Our services

We help you identify potential, plan new solutions and implement them. We offer

  • Consulting and Setup
  • Services around GCP integrations (e.g. cloud provider snapshots or identity access management)
  • Migration to a more recent database version
  • Integration of MongoDB services into the existing architecture (e.g. MongoDB Triggers, Stitch or Charts)
  • Optimization of the application design

Improve your database management in the cloud with MongoDB and Cloudwürdig. Get in touch with us!

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