SAP on Google Cloud

The combination of SAP and Google Cloud Platform stands for maximum flexibility, performance and security. There are also many advantages for you if you operate parts of your SAP installations or parts of your SAP Infrastructure workload in the Google Cloud Platform. You too can benefit from the advantages of the cloud for your SAP operations.

The benefits of the cloud

You can also benefit from the advantages of the cloud when operating your SAP instances. With the highest flexibility, performance and security of a cloud platform result in a variety of possibilities, such as

  • if you want to save costs when operating SAP system landscapes by only paying for them when they are used. 
  • or if you want to deploy your SAP DEV & QA systems faster, independent of in-house hardware procurement processes. 
  • or if you want to prepare for the upcoming SAP S/4HANA upgrade without wanting to directly invest in the required certified hardware. 

Think about migrating your SAP Infrastructure workload to the cloud, it’s worth it – and talk to us about it! 

Migrate your SAP systems to the cloud

SAPon Google Cloud

Migrate your SAP systems to Google Cloud Platform and take advantage of an agile and secure cloud with outstanding reliability, network performance, scalability and hardware performance. With industry-leading analytics and machine learning, you can modernize your business processes and drive growth.

SAP on Google Cloud

Resource and cost savings

Under the pay-as-you-go model, you only pay for what you actually use.

Simple operation

Easily scale workloads and use "custom machine" compute engines.

Central administration

Compute Engine management and automation in one interface, whether cloud or on-premise.

Maximum flexibility

SAP-certified, user-defined machine types allow particularly cost-optimized S/4HANA operation in the GCP.

The benefits of SAP on Google Cloud

Symbol von Highest flexibility

Highest flexibility

The SAP-certified Goolge Cloud Engines (GCE) allow you as a customer - exclusively at Google - to use a cost-effective configuration of SAP custom machines for your SAP environments. It thus frees you from the predefined T-shirt sizes for your SAP Compute Engines, which are usually specified by the Cloud Infrastructure provider and are therefore mostly "oversized" to meet changing performance requirements.

Symbol von Highest performance

Highest performance

Google's own global network backbone allows you to perform file-share & compute engine replications within the Google network - independent of the public Internet. This is done without additional VPN connections and with lowest network latency, which allows you completely new data recovery & backup approaches.

Symbol von Highest security

Highest security

Google's in-house developed and performance-optimized server and network hardware, including a specially developed and optimized hypervisor Bare-Metal OS, allows Google to implement particularly strong security mechanisms within and across the entire technology stack; to meet your SAP specific security requirements end-to-end.

SAP on Google Cloud with Cloudwürdig

We support you in identifying the potential of a cloud infrastructure, planning new hybrid cloud-based integration solutions and implementing the migration strategy. For this we offer

  • the complete setup of the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure (VM, compute engine, configuration, network modeling)
  • Migration
  • Consulting and implementation
  • Training
  • Support and Managed Services
  • Billing support of the cloud infrastructure services

In order to offer you a holistic migration and operational solution, we work with experienced and certified SAP implementation partners.

Get started with our SAP workshops

Lay the foundation of your SAP migration strategy together with the experts from Cloudwürdig and benefit from the many advantages of the Google Cloud Platform. Together with our SAP Knowledge Partner network, we have developed a tried and tested process model that we use with you in the run-up to every migration project.

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