Cloud Infrastructure and Google Cloud services and training

To help you successfully master the next steps of your digital transformation, we offer cloud-worthy services and training on cloud infrastructure and Google Cloud Platform.

Your start in the cloud with the experts from Cloudwürdig

Services and training for companies in the early stages of digital transformation. From cloud consulting, selection of the right Google Cloud solution to total cost of ownership analysis and migration and lift & shift of your legacy IT.

for Cloud Starters

Services and training for Cloud Experts

Services and training for companies that have already reached the first milestones in their digital transformation and are looking to take the next step. From consulting and implementation of API initiatives as well as hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios to the optimization of your ongoing cloud usage.

for Cloud Experts

IT must be trustworthy

That’s why our service is an important part of our projects. Together we master the next step of your digital transformation. We pick you up where you are and accompany you and your employees on the way to a modern cloud infrastructure. Our multi-award-winning cloud experts form the basic framework. Because we have the people, the experience and the necessary knowledge to transform your legacy IT into a digital infrastructure. The technology is just as much in the foreground as the onboarding and training of your employees. Together, we master your change process and bring your IT infrastructure to a new level.

And if we don’t have the right services and training for you, get in touch. Together with our partner network, we will find the right solution for you.

  • Total Cost of Ownership Analysis and optimization of your cloud usage / costs
  • Evaluation of the Google Cloud products that are most suitable for you
  • Architect and move your IT infrastructure to the Google Cloud
  • Technical implementation, individualization and automation of your processes
  • Managing your Google Cloud Platform accounts as well as the billing process
  • Support and implementation of your API initiatives and API life cycle management
  • Support and implementation of your hybrid and multi-cloud strategy
  • Migration of your SAP workload to the (Google) Cloud
  • UAnd many more

Services and training for Cloud Starters

Symbol von Organisation and Management

Organisation and Management

We support you in managing your Google Cloud Platform account and take care of the billing process for you. This allows you to focus on your core business.

Google Cloud Workshops

Cloud Quickstart 1 Day
Cloud Starter 3 Days
Cloud Jumpstart 5 Days
Google Cloud Onboarding

This workshop provides an introduction to the Google Cloud Platform and its extensive features and services.

The goal of the day is to identify deployment opportunities for your business and create an understanding of what workloads can run in the Google Cloud.

Target group: IT or business department

Package includes
Google Cloud Platform Network Infrastructure: Points of Presence, Data Centers, Regions and Zones
Functionality of projects, billing and IAM
Google Compute Engine purpose and use cases
Network setup, monitoring and logging
Storage services in the Google Cloud and their features
Cloud Starter

This workshop offers in-depth insights into the different areas to successfully start a Google Cloud Platform project. This concerns the relocation of an existing infrastructure as well as the setup of new services in the Google Cloud.

In particular, we will look at the various compute, big data and storage services and explain their individual areas of application. Furthermore, we cover topics such as networking, security, infrastructure automation, quotas and billing, as well as resource monitoring and alerting.

Target group: IT

Package contains
Google Cloud Platform Introduction and Basic Training
Continuum of Compute:
Compute Engine, Container Engine, App Engine
Storage services:
Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Cloud Datastore, Cloud Bigtable, Cloud Spanner
Big data and analytics services:
Big Query, Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Dataproc
Other requested topics
Cloud Jumpstart

In this 1-week workshop, your team will gain hands-on experience with Google Cloud Platform. We work together on your use case. For this we use Google Cloud Platform technologies such as Compute Engine, App Engine, Cloud Storage or BigQuery.

ZielgruppeTarget group

Package contains
Day 1 Google Cloud Platform Introduction and Basic Training
Day 2 Design and architecture workshop
Day 3 Building Minimum Viable Product (MVP) (1/2)
Day 4 Building Minimum Viable Product (MVP) (2/2)
Day 5 Insights and Business Pitch

Services and training for Cloud Experts

Symbol von VMware Migration Package

VMware Migration Package

In 3 simple steps we bring your VMs to Google Cloud Platform. This includes the creation of a migration plan for your on-prem/hosted VMware systems / applications, the execution of the migration by Cloudwürdig and the operation of your systems in Google Cloud Platform with the support of Cloudwürdig.

Symbol von Zero-Downtime Database Migration

Zero-Downtime Database Migration

You have a database and are dissatisfied with the performance? You want to migrate an existing database (e.g. from Amazon AWS RDS) to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), but don't know exactly how? Downtime of your applications during migration is not acceptable? You can't decide between the different Google Cloud solutions (Cloud SQL, Spanner, BigQuery etc.)? Then Cloudwürdig's Zero-Downtime Database Migration approach is the right one for you.

How can we help you?

We have been part of the cloud community since 2008. As one of the first Google Cloud Premium Partners in the German-speaking region, we have the people, the experience and the necessary know-how to transform your legacy IT into fully digital infrastructures. This includes, among other things, German- and English-speaking Premium Support, assistance in optimizing cloud costs, attractive discounts on GCP Consumption and invoicing according to individual requirements.

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Our approach

1. Contact us

Initial contact with our team to get to know you and your challenges.

2. Definition

Joint incorporation of an individual strategy for your company.

3. Realisization

Implementing your project strategy according to plan.

4. Support

Full support even after realization

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Lay the foundation for your cloud infrastructure together with the experts from Cloudwürdig.

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