Google Cloud Cost Optimization Workshop

We help you optimize your ongoing Google Cloud costs as part of our Cloud Cost Optimization Workshop. And best of all: You only pay something when we actually uncover savings opportunities.

Your path to cost-efficient cloud infrastructure

The Google Cloud offers many different services and therefore different ways to achieve your goals. On the one hand, the development of a cost-efficient infrastructure should include a detail analysis of the specific services, and on the other hand, the focus should be on process optimization. Only the process view and analysis allow fully comprehensive optimization. Savings potentials extend across fields such as data warehouse, ERP & SAP, storage, data pipelines, processing, hosting, but also across the analysis of development, testing, data recovery and backup processes as well as the analysis of a hybrid cloud environment.

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Cloud Cost Optimization Workshop – pay only when you really save money

Optimizing your Google Cloud Platform costs requires a partner who develops iterative modernization concepts based on the ACTUAL infrastructure (practical experience) and is also a cloud services specialist.

With Cloudworthy’s Cloud Cost Optimization Workshop, you not only get machine-learning analytics across your entire Google Cloud infrastructure, but also recommendations to adjust actual processes to save money.

The best part is that the cost is 20% of your savings. So you only pay when you really save money!



Visibility and monitoring

  • Visualization of all your deployed projects & services with a view on expenses/utilization
  • Evaluations with the aim of identifying cost drivers, categorizing and prioritizing optimization opportunities

  • Implementation of visualization and evaluation options
  • Analysis of the integration of prioritized services from the process perspective
  • Evaluation of alternative modes of operation, technologies or processes

  • Evaluation of the results
  • Identification of relevant changes, technologies and processes
  • Establishment of a project plan for the implementation of monitoring and reporting
  • If necessary, development of know-how for new services


Benefit from potential savings that you can uncover in the Google Cloud Cost Optimization Workshop with the experts from Cloudwürdig. For more information, simply send us a non-binding request. After submitting the form, we will contact you personally and discuss the further procedure.