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Our free Data Health Check provides you with a report of key findings and recommended actions for your leadership team to create a data-driven culture.

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“Data is the new oil.” This has not only been true since today. Nevertheless, many companies have not yet found a suitable strategy to draw the most possible benefit from their data and to be able to make really well-informed decisions.

In partnership with Google Cloud and Looker, our Google Cloud Platform experts are offering you the chance to analyze your existing data systems and processes for free. A great opportunity to optimize your current data strategy or kickstart your future data culture.

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3. Analysis report with recommendations for action

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Cloudwürdig Data Healt Check

Receive recommendations for action for your management team

The Data Health Check consists of a 60-minute consultation with a member of our team of data experts to gain insight into your systems and processes. This includes:

  • A summary of your current data-related strategic initiatives and associated challenges.
  • The technology and processes required for success.
  • Best Practices und Empfehlungen rund um Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, ETL, Governance und Self-Service.

Receive a comprehensive report with tailored recommendations for your management and leadership team


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