Google Cloud cost optimization

Optimize your Google Cloud costs as part of our Cloud Cost Optimization Session. The best bit: It’s a one on one discussion on with an expert from Cloudwurdig that you will only pay for when money is saved

Switching the IT infrastructure to the cloud is often associated with cost savings. A current study by Gartner shows the frightening truth: in many cases, companies’ cloud costs are up to 70 percent higher than what they would actually need.

The cost-optimized use of IT resources in the cloud is only possible if you employ someone who keeps an eye on various factors such as the number of users, budgets, storage space and instances used and at the same time has in-depth knowledge of billing models for the Google cloud services used.

Building this resource within your own ranks takes time and money. So that you get transparency about your cloud costs and discover potential savings, together with AMD we offer you a fast, simple and inexpensive solution as part of our Cloud Cost Optimization Session.

Cloud Cost Optimization Session

With the Cloud Cost Optimization Session from Cloudwurdig, you not only receive machine analyzes of your entire Google Cloud infrastructure, but also recommendations to adapt the actual processes and thus optimize your Google Cloud costs in the long term.

The best: The cost is 20% of your savings. So you only pay when you really save.

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AMD Google Cloud Cloudwürdig Cost Optimization Session