Technical implementation and support

We integrate your on-premise or cloud inventory systems with our cloud offerings, support you in customization and automation, and provide you with German- and English-speaking quality support with fast response times.

Integration of your existing systems

We integrate your on-premise or cloud legacy systems with our cloud offerings. Very few companies start from scratch, which means integrating existing systems is essential for a successful transition. We ensure that the new tools access your information or provide data without any problems.

We're integrating

CRM Systems

ERP Systems

DMS Systems

Project Management

Customization and automation

By combining standard cloud software and customization by us, you increase your ROI. Natively integrated cloud applications offer completely new ways to automate workflows. Furthermore, they can be customized to your needs without sacrificing the scalability and advantages of standard cloud applications.

How it’s done?

  • Workflow automation
  • Set up new and more efficient processes
  • Individual knowledge management
  • Automated employee onboarding
  • Digitalize offline processes


Of course, we will continue to support you after your changeover with a personal contact person, German quality support and fast response times – both by phone, e-mail and chat.

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