VMware on Google Cloud

The journey to the cloud can seem complex and unpredictable at first. Start with small steps and migrate parts of your VMware instances to the Google Cloud. With VMware Engine in Google Cloud Platform, you get the benefits of the cloud without making fundamental changes to your applications and existing expertise.

Accelerate your entry into the cloud

For your company, the question is not whether, but how a transformation towards the cloud can succeed, together with your IT team. After all, (large) parts of your legacy IT usually consist of monolithic applications that cannot be migrated to the cloud in a meaningful and credible way at the push of a button. So cloud transformation doesn’t succeed by simply replacing infrastructure components. But how can you accelerate your journey to the cloud now?

Modern cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Platform now offer you the possibility to migrate VMware instances to the cloud via Lift & Shift. This allows you to benefit from the many advantages of the IaaS cloud approach without having to make fundamental changes to your existing application architecture right now. Take a first step: combine the best of both worlds: Run VMware together with Google Cloud Platform.

In doing so, we can support you in combining the different skillsets and mindsets that are required for this: Your VMware expertise, built up over years and very valuable, together with our Google Cloud expertise, which is now urgently needed but hard to find in the market!

VMware in the Cloud

VMware and Google Cloud Platform

With VMware Engine, Google offers a VMware-certified solution that allows you to easily and securely migrate your VMware instances to the Google Cloud and operate them there. With VMware Engine, you benefit from a particularly highly scalable and reliable infrastructure that Google also uses for its own applications – with maximum security and performance. 

Through seamless integration with Google Cloud Platform services, you can get the most out of your VMware instances. The network and compute hardware specially developed by Google allows you to implement globally available backup & recovery scenarios and CPU-based encryption of individual VMs. In addition, you have the option of using Google Business Intelligence and Google Big Data analyses, e.g. with Looker and BigQuery or the integration of machine learning models based on TensorFlow.

And the best thing is that you can continue to use your familiar VMware admin console, which you know from your previous on-premise installation. This is because it is directly integrated into the Google VMware Engine console; so you can continue to use your existing VMware know-how. And if you need support in the Google Cloud Platform environment, our cloud experts are happy to help. For more information on integrating third-party tools like NetApp, Veeam & Co. find here..

Bring your workload running in your vCenter or vCloud Director on-premise to the cloud in simple and automated steps. VMware HCX Manager helps you do this. By integrating VMware HCX technology with Google Cloud Platform, you decide every day where to run your VMware workload in a fully automated way: On-Premise or in the Cloud. 

Easy Migration

Migrate VMware workload to the cloud - without application refactoring

Maximum flexibility

Seamless connection of the VMware Admin Console on-prem and in Google Cloud lets you move VMware instances back and forth between the two worlds at the touch of a button

Reduce costs

Reduce the TCO of your VMware environment by 25% or more

Use more advantages

Leverage the security and performance of the Google Cloud

Deployment scenarios for VMware Engine

Lift & Shift of the own data center or expansion of capacities

Disaster Recovery

Performance or cost optimization

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Application Modernization

Data Innovation

VMware on Google Cloud with Cloudwürdig

We support you in recognizing the potentials of a cloud infrastructure as IaaS, developing migration scenarios and implementing them with our experience in the area of the Google Cloud Platform. For this, we offer you in cooperation with our VMware Knowledge Partners

  • Complete setup of Google Cloud Platform infrastructure (VMware Engine, HCX configuration, network modeling) for Google VMware Engine deployment.
  • VMware Migration or HCX one-click Migration
  • VMware consulting & GCP implementation
  • VMware / GCP training
  • Support and Managed Services
  • Billing support of the cloud infrastructure services

Accelerate your journey to the cloud with Google Cloud, VMware Engine and Cloudwürdig.

Cloudwürdig and VMware in the Cloud

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