Asana Guided Evaluation

Make an informed decision to change the way your company works together. Try Asana for 30 days with the Asana Guided Evaluation by the New Work experts at Cloudwürdig.

Is Asana really a good fit for my business?

If you are looking into the work management tool Asana, then you surely have a predefined checklist of features and specifications that you check off one by one. On paper, Asana can usually shine. But does the tool also fit your individual processes and requirements that go beyond the standard?

In order to answer this question with a well-founded “Yes!”, we as New Work experts have created the Asana Guided Evaluation. Within the framework of a guided evaluation, we put the work management tool to the acid test together with you on the basis of concrete use cases to determine whether it really suits you.

Asana Guided Evaluation by the New Work experts from Cloudwürdig

Asana Guided Evaluation with Cloudworthy

Test Asana fully

After 30 days of intensive testing, you’ll not only know the impact Asana has on your existing business processes, but also how to successfully roll out the tool while addressing IT and change management issues. Because as the saying goes, “a fool with a tool is just a fool”. As part of the guided evaluation, we cover the following topics:

  • Business: We look at how the implementation of Asana will impact your business processes and evaluate the work management tool using real use cases that fit your business.
  • IT: Together we look at how to successfully roll out Asana. In addition to Deployment Planning, this also includes Admin Features, which we’ll look at in detail.
  • Change: In a change management workshop we define together which steps are necessary to successfully establish Asana and the processes behind it in the company.

Request an Asana Guided Evaluation without obligation

  • 30 days guided evaluation for a fixed price of 4.990,00 EUR plus VAT
  • Parts of the costs are offset against the license costs if you purchase the licenses via Cloudwürdig.
  • Guided Use Cases, Office Hours and Workshops spread over a period of 4 weeks.
  • Personal support during the entire evaluation.

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