Work Management – What is it and what is it good for?

Learn more about how to improve collaboration in your organization with Work Management and the impact on ROI.

What is Work Management?

Work Mangement is about managing and controlling tasks in a team. It involves

  • projects
  • Continuing processes
  • routine tasks

The goal is to ensure ease of networking and collaboration. The focus is on the “how”, i.e. how company-wide tasks and projects should be completed and goals achieved. In doing so, tasks, projects and processes are holistically captured and transparently presented on a platform such as Asana.

Benefits of Work Management

Efficient collaboration even in distributed teams

Long-term cost savings thanks to greater productivity

More efficient workflows

Clarity and transparency about utilization, status and goals

Work Management vs. Project Management

Although the two terms are often used as synonyms, project management is more accurately a part of work management. In project management, the focus is only on the project itself. Work Management, on the other hand, also involves processes and day-to-day tasks. A work management tool can thus coordinate work processes of the entire company and represents a central information platform via which employees can communicate in a task-oriented manner.

How to speed up your collaboration

  • Communication: You reduce the number of emails or video conferences needed and
  • Content: All information is centrally located in one place and task-related. Long searches are thus eliminated.
  • Coordination: Reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings due to greater clarity and transparency.

Der ROI von Work Management


Quelle: Asana – Der ROI von Work-Management-Plattformen

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