Change Management & Cloud Transformation

If you want real change, you have to approach it in a planned manner. You have to adapt workflows and take the human side into account.

With change management to sustainable success

Increasing numbers of companies are starting to discover the benefits of the cloud for everyday work. The digital transformation means breaking new ground and brings change for both administrators and end users.  However, the implementation of cloud-based tools is not just a technical change, but requires a change in processes and habits.

Change Management finds a structured approach to also consider the human side of the change. Only in this way can the potential of the cloud be fully exploited. 

Process change as the basis for true cloud transformation

The biggest challenge for companies on the way to cloud-based collaboration is often not the technology, but the change of habits and the unwillingness to embrace something new. True collaboration in the cloud is therefore only possible if processes are adapted in addition to the applications. This is precisely where change management comes in and is therefore crucial for project success.

Our experienced cloud experts have already helped numerous companies successfully master the path to cloud-based collaboration. Contact us if you are also aiming for a true cloud transformation!

More enthusiasm & acceptance

By communicating individual benefits, fears are reduced and the change is more perceived as an opportunity

Increased productivity

by different blended learning formats for your users to learn at their own pace

Less grapevine

because you control topics and communication channels instead of just reacting.

Cost savings thanks to good planning

Nothing costs more than employees unable to work or when you have to reschedule in an ongoing project.

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