Google Chrome Enterprise

Secure hardware and cloud-based device management for enterprises

Google Chrome Enterprise

Secure endpoints for working in the cloud

Google Chrome is not only the most popular browser, but also provides secure hardware and cloud-based device management for enterprises. Chrome devices are well suited for the mobile business world and can be used for numerous use cases:.

  • Laptops and tablets for employees or guests
  • Digital signage (digital signage)
  • Purpose-built devices (kiosk mode)

We can help you with everything from equipment procurement to effective use to support issues.

Google Chrome Enterprise


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As cloud experts, we at Cloudwürdig can help you implement Chrome devices to your organization. From device procurement to admin training to support – all quickly and easily.

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Google Chrome Devices

Fast, secure, simple

Chrome devices run the ChromeOS operating system and are designed to work directly in the cloud. They are user-friendly, intuitive to use and are kept up to date automatically and free of charge. So you always have the latest virus protection and features. Another advantage: Chrome devices are ready to use right away and only need a few seconds to boot up. Benefit from

  • Chromebooks
  • Chromeboxes
  • Chromebases

An overview of all our devices can be found here

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Cloud-based device management

Manage your Chrome Devices centrally online

With the Google Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, IT administrators can manage Chrome OS devices through a cloud-based admin console – without having to physically have to touch them. Among other things, they can centrally.

  • enforce policies
  • Setting up Chrome features for users
  • Grant access to your internal VPNs and WLANs
  • forcing the installation of apps and extensions.

The Chrome Enterprise Upgrade comes in both unlimited duration and annual licenses.

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Reduction of IT costs

Enhanced Security

Simple Administration

More time for important issues

Applications & Industries

Chrome devices are extremely flexible to use

Whether as a laptop, tablet or mini-PC, whether in the office or on the road, whether for personal use or in guest mode – the lightweight and robust devices are extremely versatile – especially for the following areas as created:

  • Sales, Marketing & Administration
  • Education
  • Health care
  • & more

Especially in retail Chrome devices provide many advantages, which is why we have compiled more in-depth information for business and IT decision makers.

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Our Services & Training

We help you get the most out of Chrome Enterprise

We help you implement Chrome devices to your organization and provide:

  • Consulting
  • Provisioning of equipment and management licenses
  • Preconfiguration
  • Workshops for admins and decision makers
  • Support

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Strengthen your team with our IT solutions, which enable an effective and modern way of working, and save enormous costs in the process.

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