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How HeyCharge efficiently works together from anywhere and Asana helps to evolve as a company.

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Founded during times of corona, most of the HeyCharge employees have never met in person so far and yet they work effectively together. With Asana they keep track of meeting tasks and coordinate their software development projects. Moreover, the work management tool is their single source of truth when it comes to managing pipelines of customer leads, investors and job candidates. As a result, HeyCharge always stays on top of their projects.

About HeyCharge

The company’s mission: empower electric cars at every apartment building, house, store, and hotel. The startup installs low-cost charge points on-site and also provides an innovative and easy to use software solution that gives its users secure access to the chargers.


Founded during the corona crises and working from different parts of Europe, HeyCharge needs a solution that allows them to seamlessly collaborate from anywhere. As they closely work together with partners for their software development projects they have to make sure everyone is on the same page. Besides that, Chris Carde, CEO of HeyCharge, states: We didn’t do a very good job of revisiting decisions and action items from previous meetings. If you are just taking notes you have to be very diligent to make sure that nothing is falling through the cracks.” Another important issue for the startup is to evolve as a company and keep track of its pipelines. Chris Carde: “Basically, everything is a pipeline – customer leads, investors, job candidates.”


To overcome these challenges, HeyCharge uses the work management tool Asana. Initially, the team worked only with Kanban boards to manage its software development projects. Since that worked well, they gradually applied it for other purposes as well. For instance, Asana is used during meetings to record tasks. Moreover, Asana is used as a pipeline tracking tool, gathering relevant information candidate-by-candidate. „For example, we are doing fundraising right now across multiple rounds. Asana is our single source of truth to keep track of which investors are at which stage. When I talk to an investor I put in the Asana item for that in the comment thread.“

With Cloudwürdig as an Asana Solutions Partner, HeyCharge has also received not only a discount for the tool, but also a point of contact for any form of support issues.


Asana helps HeyCharge make processes and meetings more efficient, as well as evolve as a company. With just one tool, pipelines are managed in different areas and information is collected and tasks are distributed accordingly.

Working with Asana also means more transparency, so everyone involved knows what needs to be done, who is responsible for it, and by when something needs to be done. This way, HeyCharge employees always keep track of ongoing projects and tasks are easier to track.


„Asana has given a lot more structure to our daily meetings. It’s a more natural way to keep an eye on all the things that need to be done and track progress.“ – Chris Carde, CEO of HeyCharge

About Cloudwürdig

As Germany’s first Asana Solutions Partner, we at Cloudwürdig help companies to implement and benefit from Asana. Our offerings include consulting, reselling, technical implementation, training and support. Feel free to contact us anytime.

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