Chrome Devices Case Study – How LobbySpace Benefits from Digital Signage Functionality

Learn more about how LobbySpace uses Chrome devices to provide its clients with plug-and-play marketing software.


LobbySpace conquers screens in public spaces with cloud-based software for digital signage and Chrome devices

With cloud-based marketing software and the use of Chrome OS devices, LobbySpace enables its clients to quickly and easily populate screens with CI-compliant content. The digital signage application was primarily developed for the Asus Chromebit, a high performance mini PC that can be easily upgraded to any screen. Cloudwürdig supports LobbySpace with the provision of the Chrome hardware as well as the associated Chrome management licenses and offers support for all questions around the cloud.

The company

The Hamburg-based startup UnterLobbySpace was founded in 2017 and was able to win the renowned Hamburgische Investitions- und Förderbank as a supporter with its innovative concept. Customers include above all Hotels, hospitals and retailers who want to present current information or offers on their publicly accessible screens – including INTERSPORT, the largest affiliated group in the global sports retail sector.


LobbySpace’s mission is to provide its customers with a true plug and play solution that transforms screens in public spaces into branded communication spaces in seconds. Every shop owner should be able to easily create and edit content to display offers, announcements or news. Special design knowledge or external agencies become superfluous. For Samuel Härtl, founder and CEO of Lobbyspace, ease of use and mobile management of the software is therefore extremely important. Also, the hardware needs to be sleek and inexpensive to make setup as easy as possible.

He also has requirements for the provider: “We were looking for a partner who could deliver Chrome devices and who could act quickly and agilely. The is essential because we often need a higher number quickly. Personal contact was also very important to me. Since you’re still in your infancy as a startup, you want to have a point of contact so you can respond to inquiries quickly. That’s why we’re working with Cloudwürdig.”


In the past, store owners had to climb up to the screen with the USB stick every time they wanted to supply it with new content. The Asus Chromebit, on the other hand, takes advantage of the cloud. You plug the Chrome OS device into the monitor’s HDMI port once, and everything else is conveniently controlled via LobbySpace’s web-based software. The web app can be operated from anywhere via smartphone, tablet or desktop browser, allowing you to react to various news in real time. Easily create content, import it with a single click, and view it on one or multiple screens. In kiosk mode, screens can also be used interactively, turning every purchase into an individual customer experience.

LobbySpace also provides an enterprise solution. This is perfect for franchises and integrates features for campaign management, user permissions and custom widgets. At INTERSPORT, for example, this is linked to the merchandise management system and can automatically generate offers. You enter the relevant product and import it with just one click, so that the local dealer does not have to enter anything himself. Depending on your needs, the whole thing can be animated.

Through Cloudwürdig, LobbySpace obtains Chrome Management licenses. These allow administrators to centrally manage and configure all associated Chrome OS devices. Samuel Härtl: “This way we can offer support and maintain the Mini PCs. As a rule, customers don’t even notice this. The customer receives the Chromebit pre-configured and does not have to worry about anything. We can install the software in advance and pre-set the WLAN data if desired. It’s really plug and play.”


More and more businesses are turning to LobbySpace’s digital signage application and Chrome devices to inform their customers on-site quickly, easily and cost-effectively. In the meantime, the number of recorded screens is in the high three-digit range – and it continues to grow steadily.

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