How the project team of a pharmaceutical company solves the challenges of the modern working world

Asana Case Study

Asana Case Study

The new construction project team of a pharmaceutical company uses Asana to effectively structure and manage projects. The Work Management tool enables efficient collaboration even in times of Corona and allows more flexibility at work. All participants are thus informed in a task-related manner, regardless of when and from where they are working. Cloudwürdig provided support during the introduction of Asana and is available as a contact partner for questions regarding settings and functionalities.

The enterprise

The healthcare group develops advanced technologies and customized scientific solutions to improve the lives of its customers. The new building project team consists of about 20 employees, but is growing steadily. It is responsible for all issues related to construction projects. For example, the preparation of construction sites and the demolition of existing buildings as well as the construction of a new production building.

Challenges and goals

Whereas the notebook was still in use in the past, those responsible were clear before the start of the project that a modern solution was needed. The project assistant of the new construction team explains. “For our projects, it is essential that we structure our tasks well from the start. That way we don’t lose sight of anything. That’s important because we’re dealing with complex projects with different sub-areas, where you otherwise quickly lose track of everything. At the same time, our team is getting bigger and bigger.” One of the tool requirements was to be able to use different views. Furthermore, especially in times of Corona, the project team was dependent on working together efficiently in distributed teams.

Asana Guided Evaluation by the New Work experts from Cloudwürdig


The new construction project team of the pharmaceutical company therefore relies on the work management tool Asana. In the cloud-based application, stakeholders record, who what by when done. They assign tasks to each other and communicate on a task-by-task basis in Asana instead of long email chains. If the person is involved in the task, he or she automatically receives a message. “That way, nothing gets lost. We also have an overview of the distribution of tasks and can take countermeasures if necessary if something doesn’t work.” Training new colleagues is also easy: “Asana is very intuitive. I only briefly introduce the basic functions, that’s enough.” One of the advantages of Asana is that you can switch between the Kanban board, list view and timeline view as needed. Cloudwürdig advised on the selection of the right license variant and supports with questions about settings and functions.



Especially during Corona, the team was able to coordinate well and work together efficiently, despite working more from the home office. But Asana not only contributes to more clarity and better project control. Asana also means more flexibility for employees thanks to location- and device-independent working, thus helping to master the demands of the modern working world. “For example, I downloaded the app. For me, even after work, it’s important to know what’s coming up tomorrow. Then I can prepare for it.” The project assistant is also very satisfied with the cooperation with Cloudwürdig: “Whether small or big questions, Cloudwürdig was always on our side and supported us.”

“With Asana, we are always up to date. You don’t have to wait until the colleague is back on green, just write it in the corresponding task. It makes collaboration easier and saves a tremendous amount of time.”

Project assistant of the new building project team

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