Google Glass for Business

We support companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the implementation and efficient use of Google Glass.

Google Glass – Discover Google’s smart AR glasses

Work smarter, faster and safer with the help of Google Glass Enterprise.

Shape the workplace of the future today and benefit from augmented reality (AR). Support your employees in situations where their hands need to be free. E.g. when setting up and maintaining new industrial plants or commissioning in warehouses.


Symbol von Stay focused

Stay focused

Ensure that you are not distracted while working. There's no need to look at an extra screen and thanks to voice control you can activate the application you need at the moment.

Symbol von Improve your quality of work

Improve your quality of work

Contribute to quality assurance directly on-site with training videos, instructions or checklists and improve the work level of your employees.

Symbol von Collaborate in real time

Collaborate in real time

Connect directly with colleagues and bring expertise to where it's needed. Show others what you see via live video stream and collaborate in real-time to troubleshoot.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Informationen zu den technischen Spezifikationen finden Sie in unserem Onlineshop.

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Live video streaming

with an 8-megapixel camera and Google Meet integration.

Intuitive contol

thanks to multi-touch gesture touchpad and voice control.

Simple application development

thanks to the Android operating system and the Android Open Source Platform.

Machine Learning Use Cases

thanks to a powerful Snapdragon XR1 processor from Qualcomm.

Our Services

As the first Google Glass reselling partner in the German-speaking world, we support you with

  • Use case identification by design thinking
  • Procurement of hardware
  • Commissioning and support
  • Development of individual applications

Benefit from Cloudwürdig’s expertise and help your employees work smarter, faster and more securely.

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