Google Workspace & Asana – The Dream Team for Digital Collaboration

Coordinate your Google Workspace tasks in Asana

Cloud-based applications for productivity and communication


  • Communication: Gmail, video conferencing, chat, calendar
  • Productivity: Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms
  • Storage
  • Simple, central management

Cloud-based work management tool for the coordination of tasks, projects and workflows


  • Who does what by when?
  • Work more transparently and track responsibilities, deadlines and dependencies at a glance
  • Corporate management: Mapping of corporate goals and milestones


Why Google Workspace and Asana work so well together

Thinking outside the box means more efficiency

High productivity is only one part of efficiency. Good work management is at least as crucial. Therefore, coordinate your Google Workspace tasks in Asana. This leads to


More clarity & transparency

Task-based structuring leads to less searching for relevant information.

Seamless processes

The completion of one's own tasks, means the project start of others.

More efficient resource allocation

Bottlenecks can be identified and eliminated more quickly.

Targeted work

If you always keep your goals in mind, you focus on the essentials.

Seamless integration

Asana works with all your Google Workspace applications

Symbol von Google Drive

Google Drive

Attach files from Google Drive directly to Asana Tasks.

Symbol von Gmail


Create and edit Asana Tasks right in your Gmail inbox.

Symbol von Google Forms

Google Forms

Turn data from Google Forms directly into ToDos in Asana.

Symbol von Google Spreadsheets

Google Spreadsheets

Create custom reports and visualize your portfolio data.

Symbol von Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Sync deadlines and tasks with Google Calendar.

Symbol von Security


Increase data security and require your teammates to log in to Asana with Google Single Sign-on.

Our services

As an experienced Google Cloud Premier Partner as well as Asana Partner, we are the ideal partner for your project. We offer

  • Consulting
  • Technical implementation
  • Change Management & Training
  • Support

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