Google Drive

Cloud storage for your business

Store, sync, and share files

With Google Drive, you get cloud storage for your business and all your work is kept in one safe place. You can easily access the stored content from anywhere – from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Changes you make on one device are immediately applied to all linked devices. What’s more, Google Drive makes it easy to share files and share them with specific people or groups.

Best organized teams

Team repositories store all of your team’s work in secure, shared, and easy-to-manage locations. Files added to the team repository are owned by the entire team and all members stay up to date.

(Read more about the difference between “My Filing” and “Team Filings” in our blog post).

Enough memory for all requirements

The amount of storage in Google Drive differs depending on the Google Workspace licensing model:

  • 30 GB of storage per user for Drive and Gmail in the Business Starter version, which means enough space for all your data. If this is not enough, you can
  • Purchase2 TB of cloud storage per user for Business Standard versions,
  • 5 TB with the Business Plus version.
  • With the Enterprise variants you have the possibility to get unlimited storage space.

Drive as part of Google Workspace

Google Drive for Business is an integral part of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), along with other digital tools. This is a cloud-based productivity suite for communication, collaboration, storage and management for businesses. Learn more about costs and the different license models here:

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