Google Meet

Secure video conferencing, online meetings, and webinar delivery for business

Secure video conferencing for your business

Talk to your team, customers and partners via Google Meet video chat and stay connected from anywhere. Allow your employees to work from home, save travel costs and travel time and still benefit from the advantages of personal contacts.

Google Meet is part of Google Workspace and is based on the secure infrastructure and built-in protections of the Google network. Video calls are encrypted during transmission and are protected.

Easy operation and participant management in Google Meet

Google Meet offers a clear user interface with simple handling. Easily host video conferences for up to 250 people – whether employees or external participants. Just set a date and share the link. When you create a meeting in Google Calendar, a meeting link is automatically created. This way, every invited user can participate with a simple mouse click. Alternatively, they can also connect via Meeting PIN simply by using the browser or the telephone.

Extensive functions for all professional purposes

Whether it’s team meetings, webinars, online training or conferencing, Google Meet offers a variety of features that make video meetings more interactive and efficient. Included are for example

  • integrated screen sharing
  • soft background
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Surveys
  • Track attendance
  • & more

(Some features are only unlocked with a certain Google Workspace license model)

Do you know Google Meet Hardware? Based on Google Meet, you can equip your conference rooms with smart and easy-to-use hardware for video meetings.

More benefits of Google Meet for businesses

Participation of external users

External users can join a meet even if they don't have their own Google Workspace account. However, it is possible to restrict access to your meetings by default to ensure the confidentiality of your meetings.

Integration into the calendar - only one click away

When you create a meeting in Google Calendar, a meeting link is automatically created. This way, every invited user can participate with a simple mouse click.

User-defined control functions for administrators

For optimal protection of your confidential information, you have the option to provide advanced features for your administrators. For example, they can restrict access for external participants, deactivate the chat protocol or specifically exclude participants.

Google Meet as part of Google Workspace

Google Meet for Business is an integral part of Google Workspace, along with other digital tools. This is a cloud-based productivity suite for communication, collaboration, storage and management for businesses. Learn more about costs, scope of services and the different license models here:

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