Google Forms

Easily create your own surveys and forms

Online forms and surveys

Quickly create custom forms for professional surveys and questionnaires with Google Forms. Capture all the information in a spreadsheet and analyze the data directly in Google Spreadsheets. Among other things, you can

  • Select different types of questions
  • Order questions by drag-and-drop
  • Set response values individually
  • Add pictures and videos
  • Insert logical paths and functions

Simplify your processes with Google Forms

The application possibilities of forms are more diverse than one might think. Make processes more digital, faster and easier and use the tool for example for:

  • Order requests
  • Customer feedback
  • Applications
  • Event registrations
  • Submission of sick notes
  • submission of documents
  • and much more

Clear presentation and simple analysis of the answers

Incoming answers can be monitored in real time and the most important results can be clearly displayed directly in Forms. With just one click, the answers can also be transferred to Google Spreadsheets or other software for more data-driven analysis.


Advantages of Google Forms

Flexible use

A Google account is not required to complete the forms and surveys.

Easy sharing

The forms can be easily shared via email, link or by embedding them in a web page.

You retain control

With the sharing settings, you can easily control which people are allowed to view and edit your forms.

Better cooperation

Real-time collaboration lets you create and share forms faster.

Google Forms as part of Workspace

Google Forms for Business is an integral part of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), along with other digital tools. This is a cloud-based productivity suite for communication, collaboration, storage and management for businesses. Learn more about costs, scope of services and the different license models here:

Go to Google Workspace!

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