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More time for the important things - We digitize and accelerate your workflows and processes

We help you accelerate your workflows

Daily work often consists of numerous manual steps that cost a lot of time but contribute nothing to the company’s value creation.

With our cloud-based solutions, we support you in automating workflows and adapting applications to your needs. In the process, we also integrate your existing systems.

App Modernization


Less monkey tasks

Work faster and more efficiently

Reduction of errors

Focus on value creation

Use Cases

An excerpt from our previous developments and automation projects. We would be happy to identify further use cases with you.

Mail merge generator

Addon in Google Sheets (z.B. für eine E-Mail-Kampagne)

Data archiving

Automatisierter Vault Export zu Google Cloud Storage

Backup and share emails

Automatische Speicherung von Emails in Google Drive

Document creation

Automatic document generation from a Google Forms entry.

Report generation

Automated report generation when a specific event occurs.

Simple database query

Front-end development for Google Sheets for user-friendly database query.


Of course, we will continue to support you after your conversion with a personal contact person, German quality support and fast response times – by phone, email and chat.

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