It’s a match – Google Workspace and Chrome Enterprise

The perfect combination for working securely in the cloud


Cloud-based applications for everyday work


  • Communication: Gmail, video conferencing, chat, calendar
  • Productivity: Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms
  • Memory
  • Simple, central management


Mobile devices and cloud-based device management


  • Laptops and tablets with the Chrome OS operating system
  • Fast: boot up within a few seconds
  • Secure: always up to date
  • Simple, central management

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Why Google Workspace and Chrome OS are such a good match

More and more companies are turning to cloud-based collaboration for everyday work. This brings many advantages and opens up new possibilities in terms of hardware.

With Google Workspace’s cloud-based applications, you work directly in the browser, without installing any local programs first. Chrome OS devices are ideal for this because they’re designed to work in the cloud: Just log in to the device and you’re in your protected workspace with all your tools and files.

When working with Google Workspace and Chrome OS devices, almost all manual maintenance efforts are eliminated. No virus programs and updates to install, no hard drives to defragment and fast as the first day even after several years of use. Working with Google solutions also means:

Increase user productivity

Real-time collaboration, less tech downtime & AI-powered workflows.

Maximum flexibility

Work from the office, home office or on the road - no matter what device.

Simple administration

The administration is done online via a central admin console.

Highest security

Automatic updates, integrated virus protection & intelligent security functions

More benefits of Google Workspace & Chrome OS

Helpdesk savings

The reduced downtime and increased security means fewer user problems and leads to a reduced need for IT support. The cloud also makes it possible to quickly identify and resolve problems that do occur, without having to physically pick up equipment.

Savings for additional software licenses

Chrome OS eliminates the need to manually update the operating system. In addition, Google Workspace with its networked applications offers a wide range of possibilities for automating processes. For example, Google Forms and Spreadsheets can be used to manage ordering processes. This eliminates the need to purchase expensive additional software.

Improving customer service

Shared devices, kiosk mode and digital signage offer different ways to optimize customer service. This ranges from digital signage at the point of sale to setting up self-service stations and sales support on the go.

Mobile. Simple. Sure.

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