Chromebooks for educational institutions

Chromebooks are mobile devices for students and teachers, ideal for digital education. Fast, secure and easy to manage.

Get creative with Chromebooks in the classroom

Chromebooks are easy to manage and secure laptops that are already available at affordable prices. In the field of schools and education, they are versatile and offer great benefits – for students and teachers as well as for the administration. They facilitate collaboration and offer the opportunity to learn together and share results.

Acer Chromebook Spin 511

Use Chromebooks across platforms and without a Google account

Chromebooks can be paired with any online learning platformand used securely without signing in with a Google account thanks to managed guest sessions.

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Advantages of Chromebooks

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The devices are ready to start within 8 seconds. The lThebattery lasts for the entire school day.

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With an integrated virus protection program and automated updates, the devices are always up to date.

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The devices are not only inexpensive to purchase, but also reduce the effort required for administration:The Chromebooks can be configured centrally via a web-based admin console.

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The devices are designed for everyday school use and can withstand frequent use. Most Chromebooks are built to military standards and feature a tough and rugged case.

Central device management

As an IT administrator at an educational institution, you can centrally manage Chromebooks and other Chrome devices through a cloud-based admin console. You have a wide range of options:

Deploy apps and applications

Choose from a variety of apps, applications, and websites that are already deployed on the device. This allows students to get started right away without having to install anything themselves.

Login options

You can decide whether students have to log in with their personal account or whether they provide the devices in a managing guest session - always user unbound.

Web page blocking

With SafeSearch or the blocking of websites, you can limit what the students are allowed to see and what not.

Kiosk app for school tests

Use the Kiosk Apps for school tests so that students only see the test when they start the device and can use it for example. can't research online.

Central device blocking

Central device locking prevents anyone from removing a device from your domain or using it if it is stolen/ lost.

Continue learning at home with Chromebooks

Continue learning with Chromebooks at home: If the student takes a device home, the same security settings apply there as at school.

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"The Chromebooks are easy to manage and start-up in under 10 sec. This is especially handy since we have timed classes." – Vanessa Wissel, deputy headmistress of the middle school PGS in Kahl

Google Chrome Upgrade rates

With the Google Chrome Upgrade, Chrome devices can be managed centrally.

Chrome Education Upgrade

34 € per device (unlimited) Start now!
  • Set device-level policies
  • Set user-level policies (for Chrome profiles)
  • Set guidelines for school apps and extensions
  • Set up devices for school exams
  • Set up managed guest sessions

Try Chromebooks for free

With Acer’s free trial program, educational institutions can see Chromebooks for themselves.

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