The Chromebook Test Program for Educational Institutions

Register now and test the mobile devices for 4 weeks free of charge. The offer is aimed at schools, universities and media centres.

Chromebooks – The ideal hardware for the digital classroom!

Quickly. Secure. Can be combined with any LMS.

Whether for homeschooling or face-to-face classroom instruction, Chromebooks are designed specifically for everyday school use. The Chrome devices pave the way for students to use digital tools as a matter of course.

No matter what learning management system you use at your educational institution – Moodle, iserv, Itslearning, HPI Cloud, Google Workspace for Education, Office365 – Chromebooks are ideal for this.

Test it now for free!

Convince yourself with the test packages from Acer. All you have to do

  1. Register for the test program using the form belowfor the test program.
  2. Make an appointment with us.
  3. Get an introduction to Chrome device management from us.
  4. Try Chromebooks free for 4 weeks!

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