Google Workspace for Education

Using Google's digital tools "Google Workspace for Education" and "Google Classroom" as a digital learning platform to make teaching more creative and enable homeschooling.

Digital teaching and learning with tools from Google Workspace for Education

Google offers Google Workspace for Education, an online learning platform for interactive and digital education. It is composed of various tools that can be used in the classroom and in collaboration among educators. These include the video conferencing tool Google Meet, the mail program Gmail, the writing program Google Docs and the learning platform Google Classroom. Google Workspace for Education tools enable teachers and students to collaborate and learn – in real-time from anywhere on any device.


Google Workspace for Education benefits

Not tied to the device

Usable with any digital device (PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone)


Collaborate on a group project - in class or at home.


Organize classes, track learning progress live, assign and assess homework


Secure data management and DSGVO compliant

Selection of tools for digital teaching

Symbol von Gmail


offers the possibility to send and receive secure e-mails. This allows you to communicate with parents and organize parent-teacher conferences, for example.

Symbol von Google Meet

Google Meet

to conduct video conferences, through which you can stay in contact with your students at all times. At the same time, students can interact with each other for group work via Google Meet.

Symbol von Google Chat

Google Chat

supports as a tool the communication by the possibility to send direct messages or to create group chats. For example, as a teacher, create chat rooms per class to keep in touch with your students.

Symbol von Google Calendar

Google Calendar

offers the possibility to plan and share appointments. Google Classroom, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Contacts, Google Sites, and Google Meet are linked to it. With Google Calendar, you can schedule conferences with colleagues, for example.

Symbol von Google Drive

Google Drive

allows files to be stored, accessed and shared online in a secure location. As a teacher, create folders per class, fill them with lesson materials like a Google Docs, and then share them with students.

Symbol von Google Docs, Presentation and Spreadsheets

Google Docs, Presentation and Spreadsheets

provides the ability to collaboratively create, edit, and share documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. For example, you can use the tools for group work by students, which is then compiled.

Symbol von Google Forms

Google Forms

provides the ability to create quizzes, tests, and surveys to check student progress and gather feedback. For example, as a teacher, create a test on your current lesson topic.

Symbol von Google Sites

Google Sites

is a tool for creating web pages that can be published on the Internet or made accessible to certain groups of people. For example, design a themed website together with your students.

Google Classroom, digital learning platform Google Classroom

is a free and multifunctional learning platform and also part of Google Workspace for Education. It impresses with its intuitive interface and many possibilities to make lessons more effective and interactive. Teachers can create subjects/courses in Google Classroom as well as assign tasks that students can ask questions about directly. At the same time, teachers can provide feedback to students while they are working on a task – all in one place. Google Classroom also integrates seamlessly with other Google tools like Google Drive and Google Docs.

"I would definitely recommend getting Google Classroom. I had looked into other learning platforms, but no other is as adaptable in my opinion." – G. Ziewe, Managing Director and Headmaster of the BBA Oldenburg

Google Workspace for Education Pricing

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Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals

(formerly known as G Suite for Education)


Free suite that enables collaborative learning on a secure platform.

Free of charge


Provides basic tools and features for educational institutions such as:

  • Collaboration tools such as Classroom, Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Google Presentations, and Google Forms
  • Communication tools like Google Meet, Gmail and Google Chat
  • Data loss protection in Gmail and Google Drive
  • Meets the requirements of the DSGVO
  • Memory 100 TB

Google Workspace for Education Standard


Advanced security features, analysis and settings.

Data region selection.

2,20 €

per student per year, free of charge for one teacher at a ratio of 4:1


(A license must be purchased for all students/students in the domain).


All the features of Education Fundamentals as well as:

  • Security center to proactively prevent, detect, and remediate threats
  • Advanced device and app management to perform audits and enforce rules for security and app access
  • Export Gmail and Classroom logs and analyze them in BigQuery to get more insights from your data.
  • Memory 100 TB

Teaching and Learning Upgrade



Improved video communication, enhanced features for teachers


2,50 €

per employee per month



All the features of Education Fundamentals as well as:

  • Video conferencing in Google Meet with up to 250 participants
  • Premium features for Google Meet such as interactive Q&A sessions, polls and BreakoutRooms
  • Coming soon: Classrooom add-ons via which popular content can be directly embedded
  • Storage 100 TB + 100 GB per license

Google Workspace for Education Plus

(formerly G Suite Enterprise for Education)


Enhanced security and analytics, more comprehensive tools for teaching and learning. Data region selection.


3,40 €

per student per year, free of charge for one teacher at a ratio of 4:1


(A license must be purchased for all students/students in the domain).


Includes all the features of Education Standard, the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and:

  • Livestreams in Google Meet for up to 100,000 viewers in your domain
  • Synchronize student lists from any student information system directly into Classroom.
  • Personalized cloud search for your domain, allowing you to find and access information faster
  • Storage 100 TB + 20 GB per license

You still need the right hardware?

Because Google Workspace for Education tools run directly in the browser, they can basically be used on any device. Google’s own Chrome devices are particularly well-suited for this purpose, bringing with them many advantages, especially for digital teaching.

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