Google Cloud Security ABC: BeyondCorp Enterprise explained simply

In our new format “Google Cloud Security ABC” we present the most important security functions and features. This time in focus: the Zero Trust approach BeyondCorp Enterprise.

Security without VPN – thanks to Zero Trust approach

To enable all employees worldwide to work without a VPN even on untrusted networks, Google developed a Zero Trust model called BeyondCorp in 2011. In this model, access controls are shifted from the network environment to the respective individual users. Whether applications, services and data are in the Google Cloud or available on-premise, secure access is assured even without slow VPN connections.



BeyondCorp – Google’s Zero Trust Model

BeyondCorp is based on ten years of Google experience and the ideas and best practices of the community. Started as an internal Google initiative, BeyondCorp is now used daily by most Google employees to provide user- and device-based authentication and authorization for Google’s core infrastructure and enterprise resources. The BeyondCorp principles are:

  • Access to services must not be determined by the network through which employees connect.
  • Access to services is granted based on contextual factors of the user and their device.
  • All access to services must be authenticated, authorized, and encrypted.

A security solution that has been tried and tested for years and makes distributed work easier and more secure. To enable other companies to benefit from the Google Cloud Security solution BeyondCorp, a paid solution for enterprises is available, BeyondCorp Enterprise.

BeyondCorp Enterprise – the solution for enterprises

The BeyondCorp Zero Trust approach can now be deployed in virtually any organization. BeyondCorp Enterprise is delivered over the Google global network, enabling secure access to applications and cloud resources with built-in threat and data protection.

BeyondCorp Enterprise

The advantages of the Google Cloud Security solution BeyondCorp Enterprise at a glance:

  • Enable secure access to critical apps and services
  • Protect your data with integrated threat and data protection
  • Easier management for administrators and end users without an agent
  • More overview of unsafe user activities

Would you also like to improve your security strategy with a modern zero trust platform? Then get in touch with us, our security experts will be happy to support you.

For a detailed overview of Google Cloud Security we recommend our video “Security in the Google Cloud? Sure you do!“. Learn everything you need to know about Google Cloud Security in just 15 minutes.

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