Innovations in Google Workspace – Even more connected, even more secure


More than 3 billion users worldwide now use Google Workspace – many of them in their everyday work. The cloud-based applications enable simple and secure hybrid collaboration and thus help to solve the challenges of the modern working world. On the one hand, users benefit from the continuous further development of the apps, and on the other hand, there are various options for adapting Google Workspace to their own needs.

Extend and customize Google Workspace

To date, more than 4.8 billion apps have been installed in Google Workspace. The third-party applications help companies simplify workflows and become even more productive. Currently, Google Workspace Marketplace has about 5,300 public apps available. In addition, inclusion of custom developmentsmakes it possible to automate numerous work steps. This leads, among other things, to fewer Monkey Tasks and at the same time to fewer errors. Some innovations in Google Workspace are therefore aimed precisely at this.

AppSheet integration in Gmail

With the no-code development platform AppSheet, even employees without programming skills can design custom applications. With AppSheet’s new integration with Gmail, Google thus provides more flexibility and allows employees to save time and focus on what’s important. For example, build an app that makes it easy to approve budgets or vacation requests.

Request for inventory approval via AppSheet in Gmail

Jira integration for Google Chat and Spaces

In addition, the integration of Jira into Google Chat and Spaces is also imminent. This will allow users who already work with the platform to quickly and easily create new tickets and immediately capture emerging issues thanks to preview mode.


New security features

Last but not least, Google’s developers are of course also concerned with the topic of security. Here there are also some exciting innovations. With the new Work Safer program, companies can now collaborate even more securely – whether from the home office, the office or on the road. These four innovations are particularly worth mentioning here:

  • Client-side encryption (CSE)is now also incorporated into Google Meet. This gives organizations the greatest possible control over keys to meet any data sovereignty and compliance requirements.
  • The Data Loss Prevention (DLP)feature for Google Chat is now available in beta. This allows organizations to better protect sensitive data.
  • Google Drive Labelsare now available to everyone.This means organizations can classify files stored in Drive by confidentiality
  • Other measures to protect against abusive activity and content. In the future, end users will receive warnings when opening suspicious files. The feature is already integrated in Google Docs and will soon be available in Google Spreadsheets and Presentations.

In the context of Google Next ’21, many other innovations around Google Cloud were also announced. A detailed article with all worth knowing information about Google Cloud Platform, Apigee and much more can be found in the official Google Cloud Blog.


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