Work Management instead of project chaos

How work management differs from project management and contributes to increasing efficiency in the company.


„What, by when and where did my boss want me to do something again? Do I have to inform anybody else as well?”

Many employees ask themselves all these questions day in, day out when it comes to their daily work or their project work. IT seems nowadays that every department has their own management tool which works well independently but when different departments need to work together, project management can become needlessly complicated. The solution: One tool for common work management!

But what does work management actually mean?

The goal is to ensure easy networking and collaboration. The focus is on the „how“, i.e. how company-wide tasks and projects have to be completed and goals achieved. Planning, projects and processes are holistically covered.

With project management, on the other hand, the focus is on the project itself. The coordination and monitoring of tasks and goals is usually carried out by the project leader or project manager. In detail, this is a part of work management. Aspects such as the clear definition of milestones, setting a time frame or ensuring traceability are subject to the activities of project management.

Work Management leads to success

Using the example of our customer Viessmann: Work Management: An Introduction, you can see that the introduction of Work Management was successful. 

Work Management combines context and collaboration. It creates clarity in your team as to what, how and where work needs to be done. The centralized documentation of pending and completed tasks and projects creates transparency. This also increases efficiency in the respective teams. With the help of integrations, previously used tools can be ideally linked to Asana, enabling company-wide and location-independent work.


Quelle: Asana – Der ROI von Work- Management-Plattformen


Do you already benefit from Work Management?

Now take a look at your own processes: Do you work across departments, company-wide, location-independent or even with external parties? Ask yourself how many tools you use and how much time you spend searching for information. Basically, you are already doing work management or project management. But is this done in a centralized and efficient manner? Create clarity in your organized chaos by using Work Management correctly.


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